Halo CE gameplay on Firefight settings

Have you always wanted to play Halo Reach Firefight with Halo Combat Evolved settings/or gameplay. Well this is the place for you. Lets get started.
Firefight Round 1 Wave Properties:
Skulls: Tough Luck(the elites in Halo CE would always dodge grenades with ease).
Initial Waves: Dropship enabled, squad selection oredered. Squad 1 and 2 will be jackal patrol and Squad 3 will elite infantry(note that any squad is fine as lomg as there are no brutes and skirmishers and high ranking elites since they were not in Halo CE).
Main Waves: Dropship and Squad selection are enabled. Squad 1-5 will feature elites, elite patrol or elite infantry, choose what you want.
Boss Wave: Elite Spec Ops and hunters with zealot elites are recommended for a challenge.
Round 2 and 3 are the same but feel free to add catch skull if you want to have those spec ops elites throw grenades at you like in the 2 last levels in Halo CE.
Play the Corvette mission to have that Halo CE feel since this map looks similar to the Truth and Reconciliation mission. Add the song covenant dance on your iphone or android to get a better feel for it😎. Glacier is good too if you want to play in the snow to feel like you are playing in Assualt on Control Room.
Spartan Settings:
Base Traits for shields and health: 100% damage resistance(50% on easy difficulty, 110% on heroic). Recharge rate is 90% since it takes a while for shields to recharge in Halo CE but put it at 50% when playing on easy because your shields take 5 seconds to recharge on easy difficulty on Halo CE. Health recharge must be at 0% because your health can’t heal in Halo CE, only your shields. Immune to assassination disabled because again you noob, there were no assassinations in Halo CE. Make sure Elites are IMMUNE TO ASSASSINATIONS AS WELL😡.
Weapons and Damage: Infinite ammo enabled because you have a lot of bullets in Halo CE. Damage modifier is 100% but melee is 50% since it takes 4 melee hits to knock out an elite in Halo CE. Grenade count should be 4x each.
Movement needs to be 110% since you run quite fast in Halo CE. Jumping is 110% because the jumps were floaty in Halo CE.
Elites shields and health is the same accept the damage resistence is 110%.
Elites weapons and damage: Damage modifier is 110% while their melee is 50% since again it takes 4 melee hits to kill you just like the elites in Halo CE but like the elites the hits may be less if you have damaged them with bullets. Unlike you, the elites have evade as their equipment since they can dodge grenades real easily like in Halo CE.
Last, no ordinace drops. No explanation here ok. There are no ordinace drops in…you already know.
I have played Halo CE for years and all of these are accurate. Feel free to test Halo CE and the firefight settings for this because I am confident they are 100% accurate. The only issue is that some elites carry plasma repeatera and there is nothing I could do to change that. Anyways, enjoy.