Halo CE Did Somebody Say... won't unlock

I just completed all of the par times on the halo ce levels and obtained all of the corresponding par time achievements, however i didn’t obtain Did Somebody Say… (Beat par time on all Halo: CE levels.) after completing the maw par time achievement, does anyone know of a possible solution or is permanently bugged, thanks

edit: solved

How was this solved? I have the same issue

i originally had done the par time on truth and reconciliation on xbox one so when i had to complete the par time again on pc, so you might have to redo levels if you are going from one platform to another

Ah yeah that must be it. I’ll try that, thanks! I think I had one or two completed before PC release.

Or you can try this:
Go into “Run” -> search for “Services.msc” -> Find this serivce “Connected User Experiences and Telemetay” -> Set to Automatic.
When i turned this on, everything was unlocked and updated ingame.

Didn’t wanna mess with settings so I just replayed Truth and Rec, weirdly I had the steam achievement for that one, but didn’t have the Xbox achievement. I think Steam mistakenly gave it to me.

So yeah, unlocked “You Can’t Handle the Truth” for Xbox, and “Did somebody say…” for Xbox and Steam.