HALO: CE Customs (Slayer + Objective)

Going to be running Halo:CE customs only.
Send me a friend request (GT: BKerr) if you want an invite.

Post your gamertag here as well, so others can add players who are looking for Halo:CE customs

Once you add me as a friend, you Should be able to join the lobby through the roster.

I’ll be on tonight. H1 only player here.

i O1d Greg i

Ok I added you, I am trying to just get a large list of Halo: CE gamertags on my list and then we can all join up

Proz Zoetrain

Added + Invited. Looking to do competitive games.

Gt: UnkinderElm0
Im on right now if you want to play

It works better if you message me and then I can add you as a friend from snap

Add me asap. Ready to play TS.



First 5v4 game, need more players!

Off for about 45 mins, send me a message if you want to play customs later tonight. Will accept all and invite all when I return

Add Me InStevenWeTrust

Going back on, message me if you want an invite


Have 4v4, looking for biggers games…send message

mactwist2 send the invite I got 2

getting connection failed

s squirrel s