Halo CE coop campaign crash

Me and my brother downloaded Halo MCC via Game Pass.

We have been playing Halo CE coop campaign without major problems, until we reached ‘Assault on the Control Room’ mission.

Everytime we arrive an outdoor part of the scenario, the game crash and my console restart (I’m the guest, Xbox One X), then my brother gets a disconnection message (he is the host, Xbox One S).

We simply cannot keep advancing the story together. We have restarted, reinstalled, hard reset. Nothing has worked. Is there a workaround to solve this problem?


Not an outright fix but it is a potential workaround that might be worth trying:

> I’ve found a workaround.
> I’ve had the same crash with my console turning off during the first bridge battle of Assault on the Control Room.
> I loaded my last checkpoint, switched to old graphics, completed the battle, got my next checkpoint, then switched back to the new graphics.
> It’s a minor annoyance, but it allowed me to progress.
> Hope this works for you.Edit: I’ve encountered this on a few levels now. It seems to be triggered by the updated graphics. Switching to and playing with the old art style allows completion of the mission.
> - Jim Sim 117, Halo: CE Mission Crashing, 4/11/19

Thanks. It worked!
The following mission was crashing as well, so it seems we will have to play it with retro graphics (almost) completely.
It’s a shame, but at least we are advancing.