Halo CE Classic Skins for the Anniversary Version

I would be great to see the Halo CE Classic skins that you unlock in the customization menu (vehicles, weapons, armor pieces, etc) to be present in the Anniversary variation as well. In fact, they could look even cooler with the upgraded graphics and visuals.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see those added to the Anniversary version?


Yes most definitely the problem is I have made post about this before and people don’t seem to respond I think it’s because people don’t care about one of the game has a storyline anymore all they want is multiplayer multiplayer multiplayer for me PVP is just not that fun the only reason I play PVP it’s because it’s the only way to unlock stuff in Halo infinite currently they need more unlocks for the campaign of the game in all Halo games

The most definite problem is the amount of effort that’d have to go into remaking each skin for each model in the completely separate graphics engine.
I doubt H2’s anniversary graphics would get skins if H2 classic did as well, and I doubt the skins that are being added to H2A’s completely separate multiplayer will get into 2’s anniversary graphics either.


The multiplayer skins were thrown into their respective campaigns as a an interesting curiosity. They had the textures and the engine has been updated to handle it, why not? CEA utilizes a separate graphics engine and uses entirely different models than classic CE. The skins if attempted to be applied to the new models at best would look awful and at worst would crash the game. Entirely separate skins would have to be created just for CEA models, which is a moot point because the toggle says multiplayer skins.

Technical issues aside, I don’t enjoy the CEA art style much and don’t mind it’s lack of skin support. I would rather see H2C and Reach get more skins than squander time on CEA.


I would love to see the weapon skins in Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary in fact Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary is the best Halo game out of all of them I know a lot of people says Halo 3 the best but I have to disagree

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I forgot to type the “t” for “It would be…”! Also, there are no armor pieces for Halo: CE customization, just visor colors for your spartan but you guys got the point.

The skins I want to see would be more grounded to the halo universe. Such as the flame hog skin from halo wars and the wraith skin from the same game. I would also like to see some in game branding on some of the weapons like the UNSC Spirit of Fire logo on some weapons for example.

Another cool idea would be for in-game companies such as “BXR” to have their own skins.

Heck, even some banished-inspired skins would be awesome… we know from the lore that the banished was operating in this time period agains the covenant

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