Halo CE Anniversary without Anniversary Map Pack


I bought Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on Xbox 360 and the code for Anniversary Map Pack that can be applied to your account if you already have Halo: Reach (which I have) was not included inside the box. Only the game manual was.

The game manual says:
“You can also access multiplayer maps in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary using the download code included on the card in your disc case. Once you’ve downloaded the maps, you can then use them via your Halo: Reach multiplayer experience alongside all the usual Halo: Reach hoppers, maps and modes”.

I have already contacted Xbox support and they told me that they don’t have access to 343 industries server and that I have to describe my issue here.

I’m not sure why xbox support directed you here, sounds like their usual way of fobbing off customers. What you need to do is contact the store you purchased the game from and see if they can help you out

They directed me to Xbox support since the disc case was sealed…

Then Xbox support told me they could not provide me a code since they cannot generate a new one from their servers
and also because I bought a physical copy of this game instead of a digital one.

Urgh. Why do customers always get -Yoinked!- over on stuff like this. Your contract when you bought the game was with the retailer, regardless if it was sealed our not. If they tell you otherwise, they are bull Yoinking! you. It’s really up to your store to sort this out for you, I’d keep pressing until you get somewhere. If you live in the UK, there are good protections for stuff like this. I’m not too versed in US or other areas in afraid. Hope you can get it resolved

According to them, it’s not the retailer’s fault if something inside a sealed box was not included
as it was given to them by their provider in this condition.

They even tried to make an analogy with warranty issues.

It seems that they didn’t understood correctly my issue at first so they directed me to Xbox support,
but now they are telling me that it should be resolved with the company of the game itself which is 343 industries.
Also, no juridic reasons exist that specify an obligatory replacement since it was already opened and it was bought new.

I hope there’s some way to clarify this issue with the appropriate 343 industries department.

Ehhh this is on the retailer. If your game wasn’t sold as advertised, the shop should be taking it back and either refunding your money or replacing the item with a complete one.

Xbox Support likes shuffling people over here but this isn’t a 343 issue at all, this is entirely to do with wherever you bought the game. I’d go back with your game, your receipt, and request to speak to a manager and sort it out with them.

How am I supposed to deal with that when the retailer does not understand that I can request a refund?

They told me that it was the last copy of this game and that was my responsability to not buy it since
nowhere on the box it says that the map pack was included.

So what makes sense to me is that if the map pack wasn’t included inside then it’s a manufacturing defect
and I should be able to resolve this issue with 343 industries.

There’s definitly something that does not make sense here since it seems to be no one’s responsability…