Halo CE Anniversary Legendary Recruiting

Anyone want to play Halo CE on legendary with me on 360? You don’t need a mic or anything like that

Oh hey, I was debating on whether or not to make a thread about this.

CE Anniversary is one of two 360 Halos I have yet to Legendary (Halo Wars is the other, ugh). Anyways, I’d be more than happy to play through Legendary with ya :smiley:

You seem to be so busy posting in other parts of the forums that I’m not sure if you really need help anymore.
I’m not being impatient. I’m just confused on how you can make so many posts and not be able to reply to me.
If you continue making posts and don’t reply for a week, I’m unfollowing this topic and I’ll just play with another friend.

And remember: Quality, not quantity.