Halo: CE Anniversary Fix Request

I know the game isn’t out yet, but from what I’ve seen in the teasers and trailers the updated Masterchief Helmet seems a bit elongated. There should be a slight curve in the visor as well as more of a reflectiveness, especially for the points on top of the helmet. In the original Halo, the reflective shadowing of the points on the front top of his helmet were a bitmap/shader. To me that made it all the more real. From the trailers this remake just seems shiny and not really reflective.

The graphical enhancement I’m sure is difficult but it just appears that the Chief’s armor is dull with less detail than the original Xbox game. The original model of the chief seems proportional vs the update looks disproportional. Sorry but that’s just what I’ve observed. As far as the marine model updates and covenant they seem spot on. Everything else looks tight! Just the Chief looks wrong to me.

Seeing as most of the footage that we’ve seen is back from E3, 343 has said that they’ve updated a lot of things since then. So I would really be surprised if they haven’t updated the chief already.