Halo: CE Anniversary DLC question

Hello guys,I need your help again

I bought Halo:CE Anniversary some weeks ago, new and sealed at a GameStop store. Everything was ok with the game and the Anniversary Reach DLC code was also inside. Now I watched an unboxing of the game and I saw there was another DLC Code inside with Master Chief Avatar armor and the Grunt Party Skull which wasn’t inside my game. So i did some research and found out that this DLC Code is only inside the the Special Edition in the slipcase but then I saw some guys unboxing the same version like mine but having the Code inside,too. So I researched again and I found out that this DLC Code is the Slipcase Edition and for pre ordered games but there was a discussion that this DLC Code that the DLC Code is in the normal editon too. So I am quite confused about this. It is not a major problem as the Game is most important but I am still quite curious which editions had this code and why mine didnt have it.

I hope you guys can help :slight_smile:

The only versions I saw were the ones in the slip-cases, maybe you got jipped by Gamestop cause I know Wal-Mart only sold the slip-case ones.

Unfortunatly there is no Wall Mart over here in Germany^^ I hope they did not ripp me of :confused: