Halo CE Aniversary/ Halo 4 Ranking System Submission

Hallo everyone,

we absolutely need the 1-50 rank system back for halo 4, at least.But lots of problems from the Halo 3 system need to be changed as well as from the reach system:

So what i would rather prefer is a 1-50 rank system which is based on points you earn by playing ranked only.
This points will be saved and you start at 0 and you cannot go negative (explained later), in addition you can go as high as you want (once you reached 50 - explained later).
You still earn credits as it was in reach in social and ranked playlists, but in ranked you have a seperate account, which sums up your ranked points.These points calculate as follows (only TS variant firstly):

Red Team beats Blue Team 50-42
Players (Kills-Assists-Deaths//K/D)

Red Blue
Player A (16-8-8//+8) Player E (15-4-10//+5)
Player B (14-5-10//+4) Player F (14-2-16//-2)
Player C (12-2-13//-1) Player G (8-6-12//-4)
Player D (8-6-11//-3) Player H 5-2-12//-7)

Now four general categories will be rated:

  1. Win/loss Bonus:
    in case of 50-42 the difference is 8
    Calculate Bonus: you take this number X (in example it is 8) Bonus=X100/8
    i.e.: 8
    100/8 = 100
    so 100 points will be added to the points of the players from the winning team, whereas 100 points will be removed from the losing player’s points

  2. Indiv. Perfomance:
    Everyone’s K/D is rated: Indiv.Perf.=X100/4
    i.e.: Player A(+8)=8
    100/4 = 200
    i.e.: Player D(-3)=-3*100/4 = -75
    So every player is individually judged on how he played personally, while a player how hadn’t had his best day, but his team was still able to win, because he didn’t play extremely bad, will still get a few points for being part of the winning team

  3. Assits:
    As the assists are the key factor to good gameplay and represent the way players work together, they mustn’t be neglected. But the assists need to be seen in comparison to your teammates, but this is difficult to realize because a good team has about 6/7 (reach) 10/11(h3) assists a worse team can have much lesser assists.
    So I guess it is best to compare everyone’s individual assists to the average of all players.
    So you add up all assits in the game, divide them through the number of players that finished the game (normally eight)
    So i.e.: all assists: 35/8 = 4,38
    every player that reached a number above , for example Player G (=6), will get X=6-4,38 = 1,62
    1,62*100 = 162/4 = 41 points for his assists.
    (points for assists = ((your assists-all assists)*100) / 4)
    i.e.: Player C =2-4,38=-2,38 => -238/4 = -60

The only problem here is, thatif players quit out, there might only 7 players finish the game, but the assists of the one who quitted have to be kept…

4)Special Bonuses:

General: The best player of each team gets a bonus of +50, the 2nd of +25, 3rd -25, 4th -50
This will count for both teams, disregarding winners or loosers, so the statistically (K/D) best player will get a special bonus everytime. If two players tie this spot they will both get +50, so the 3rd will already get -25.
If players do quit, there places will be left free, so if two players on one team quit, the other two get a positive special bonus.

Other bonuses could be in TS for a killing spree/frenzy/riot (points 20/40/80??) or an extermination/overkill/triple kill etc.
But think of other bonuses especially in objective gametypes, like in CTF for stopping flag carrier, oddball - holding balll for more than 50 secs in a row…)

Using this ranking system the scores/points for this example would be:
Red Team beats Blue Team 50-42
Players (Kills-Assists-Deaths//K/D)
Red Blue
Player A (16-8-8//+8) = 441 Player E (15-4-10//+5) = 65
Player B (14-5-10//+4) = 241 Player F (14-2-16//-2) = -155
Player C (12-2-13//-1) = -10 Player G (8-6-12//-4) = -184
Player D (8-6-11//-3) = 16 Player H 5-2-12//-7) = -385

I personally think that is is quite fair if you would have to evaluate every player.
For getting rank 2 you could need 300points f.e. and on and on you can rank up. Maybe for getting the 40 you needed 1200points annd for a 50 2000points…

Advantages of this rank system:

  • no boosting (as everyone is playing for his own rank individually)
  • quit penalties to avoid derankers (which is nevertheless useless)
  • win/loss is integrated in rank as well as individual performance
  • you have to achieve a certain amount of points to rank up/or fall down, not anymore the bit unpredictable ranks of Halo 3

So I think this would be a great ranking system for Halo 4, or even anniversary idk…

//opinions, comments

I’d much rather put up with derankers and boosters than have no ranked system at all like in Reach.

And Arena doesn’t count, it’s a horrible replacement. Just bring back the 1-50 system.

I agree. The 1-50 ranking system meant something more in H3. I am a Major Grade 2 in H3 and I’m more proud of that than my Field Marshall in Reach.

However, I wish there was a progress bar on how close you were to ranking up (or down), because it seemed very inconsistent to me.

And I agree that the credits system should be there in H4, but it should focus a little more on performance/winning/gameplay and not just on how long you play each match.

Derankers will still exist, they will purposely to bad during games to lose points and therefore derank.

The only way the 1-50 system would work is if:

  1. They make the ranking system harder to rank up

  2. If you could only go up and never go down (for derankers)

  3. You get EXP if you win and none if you lose/quit.

  4. Have heavy penalties for quitters

  5. Have some sort of progression that is visible