Halo CE and Reach Marines

Playing through the campaign again and wow. Were the marines always this awful? I mean in Halo 2 and 3 they were decent but they cant seem to kill a single thing in Reach and CE. Agreed?

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Yea, the marines in CE and Reach were awful. It’s like they only decided to become useful after Master Chief destroyed Instillation 04.

The problem with troopers is that they have poor awareness and long flinching animations otherwise they inflict damage like any enemy.

Marines are kinda the opposite, the problem is how the damage inflicted and received is bad with Assault Rifle. They are okay with a Plasma Rifle and of course completely unmatched with a Sniper Rifle.

Marines on Halo CE were far worse. They’ve got a 60 round magazine Assault Rifle and only manage to fire off 1 to 2 shots PER TWO MINUTES!!!

CE marines were horrible, I mean on a warthog turret they were decent and could kill targets but when they were out of them holy hell were they awful. I’m pretty sure a bowl of oatmeal could do better than them, I was kinda relieved when they stopped showing up because they were also really bad when they would get in the way of you shooting then you accidentally killed them or just hit them. On the other hand, I don’t remember Reach marines being awful.