Halo CE and H2/H2A 4 player Coop Campaign

Who here would like to see all titles not just h1 and h2 but the playlist between all games have 4 player coop integrated into all of it and yes i know that h3 h3 odst and H4 have it but the two missing out on this feature is h1 and h2 and it feels like they could use it after so many requests that I have seen or heard about, from modders to advid halo players to a few new players to halo
what are your thoughts on this

As someone who has had hands on experience with both halo 1 and 2 4 player splitscreen mods by Lord Zedd (a halo modder) i have worked with both the campaigns to male each level able to be completed by all players with a few tweaks here and there but for the most part each level works quite well with a few bugs here and there and i guess from the limitations of the old hardware mostly lag but playable even to the point that there is never any shortage of weapons, no inpassable obstacles to stop all players from being in any given room with enough patience or even down to amount of vehicles if the situation calls for it
Long story short with tweaks to the campaign of halo 1 and 2 i dont see why coop cant work from a 2v2 network as thay would reduce lag and overall make the games much better to play

Would make legendary too easy. If they did 4 player co op. They would have to ramp up the difficulty big time

It would take work but I think it could be alot of fun.