Halo CE&2 freezing

guys i just recently got an original xbox and got Halo CE and Halo 2. start up and everything works fine and in CE i can get in and start the campaign. but when i play the Pillar of autumn mission it freezes. like, i play for a solid 2 minutes, then everything goes to -Yoink-. everything in game starts going crazy colors, the sound goes nuts, then it just freezes. when i play H2, i cant even get past the 1st cutscene without it freezing. but when i played Elder Scrolls III Morrowind everything was fine, had no issues. can someone please help?

It sounds like the discs may be damaged if you’re able to play other games without issues. Try cleaning the discs properly with a cleaner and giving it a shot. Once in a while when I play on my original Xbox for nostalgia, a game will freeze here and here, but think it’s also just what happened back in the day. We’re so used to the speeds and all of today. Not saying that’s your problem by any means. I would properly clean the discs and try and again.