Halo Castle Wars - Team killing

Hi just to let 343 industries know that the team killing is occurring a lot in the castle wars game mode. I want an answer to why there is no kick option for the purpose of team killing. I had a poor experience being team killed by the same guy multiple of times with no kick feature. I understand it being for the grifbal but castle wars?

A lot of the team killing happened to the team and was obvious that the person was doing it deliberately. I want to stand against toxicity in gaming.

  • Xatty

I understand that this can be frustrating but that game type specifically has a HIGH instance of death from falling off of the map. The long narrow bridge with no rails and the stepping stones to the left and right make it easy to accidentally knock teammates off the map.

I think the best route would be for you to report him. I can see why you would want a teamkill limit in that game mode but I’m not sure if it’s best for the gamemode as a whole as it’s

#1 - Casual. It’s just a gametype to have fun and while toxicity does kinda ruin that it’s not extremely rampant in the Halo community.

#2 - Easy to teamkill. I’ve played this game type a number of times with my friends and I can’t count the amount of times I’ve yelled “Oooo Sorry dude!”

Always use the Xbox report feature if you see someone intentionally griefing other players!