Halo canon continuity errors in Spartan Ops

I’m big on the canon of the Halo universe so I’m curious…does it bug anybody else that Ragnarok(Valhalla) is in Spartan Ops? Valhalla was a Pelican crash site on the Ark, so while that mission in SO was awesome, I was kind of annoyed by the break in continuity.

Also, when Jul is talking to Dr. Glassman, he says “Progress” and pronounces the “p” perfectly, which also kind of annoyed me because elites typically cant pronounce the letter “p”.

Other than that Halo 4 is great.

Seeing how i don’t consider multiplayer maps cannon Ragnorok is on the shield world. Valhalla was never used in campaign so i find Ragnorok to be the one considered canon since it is used in spartan ops. Other than maps used in spartan ops i find it hard to consider maps like chrion from halo 1 canon seeing how humans never have had teleportation technology.

For where Jul says “p” wasn’t it the “PH” sound that the elite couldn’t pronounce in Phillips’ name in glasslands?

Ragnarok is Canon, Valhalla isn’t

Jul Mdama was captured by ONI, but in captivity he studied and learned their language (Read Glassland and Thursday War).

Halo doesn’t have an continuity errors, everything seems to fit.

That makes sense, thanks! It was the last “p” In Phillips that he couldn’t pronounce, so he just said “Phillis”.
I read Glasslands and Thursday War, but when he was in captivity I don’t remember him learning English better. I was under the impression that they used translators the whole time. I thought the inability the pronounce “p” was more of an anatomical thing.

Thanks for your input guys!

I’m pretty sure Valhalla and Ragnarok are separate places with the same purpose. It stands to reason that they would create locations with shared purposes in the same fashion. Remakes have often taken place in a different location to the original map.

All multiplayer maps prior to Halo 4 are not canon. And all multiplayer maps on Halo 4 are just simulated rooms. So the only ones that actually even exist are those found in Spartan Ops.