Halo campaigns need more friendly AI

Hello Everyone

Personally one of my favorite parts of the halo campaign is that you fell like a true soldier, you feel like a part of an army. In halo 3, you almost always had a squad of marines following you into battle or atleast had help from them in terms of weapon drops and such, in halo reach you could form a fireteam of marines who would follow you up to a defined point, but in halo 4 and 5, there is very little companion assistance besides the spartan fire team in halo 5, which simply seems like “an unstoppable force.” who here agrees that there should be more AI helpers in the game? I know that it would make the halo universe more alive if there were other soldiers that can follow you and help you.

while were on the subject, we need another Sgt. Johnson style character, a person who is on par with a spartan, even the master chief, who is a simple marine (I know that Johnson has had augmentations but he is, for the most part, human as opposed to Spartans, who are emotionless killing machines) All I’m saying is that there needs to be more human or even elite allies in the fight

another thing I would like to ask, would you like to see more friendly races, such as the grunts who worked with the swords of sanghelios, in halo, I think that it would help the universe feel more diverse.

thank you for reading have a great day.

I do miss the beach raid of the first game. Need more major battles where you move up against the enemy, moving from cover to cover