Halo campaign / storytelling survey (3-5 Min)

How important is campaign and storytelling to the Halo fanbase? Do gamers these days care about a good single player experience at all or is multiplayer all that they want and need? What do they think about about the quality of the storytelling in the mainline Halo games? Do fans want more depth in their Halo storytelling or is it perfect as it is?
Participate and find out - I’ll post the results (detailed statistics/graphs) on Halo Reddit and Waypoint.

Google Docs Halo campaign / storytelling survey

Took the survey.

Just to add on: when it comes to halos story compared to other first person shooters I think that’s part of what made halo better than the others. CoD focuses far more on multiplayer experiences over the story, same with battlefield or a titanfall game. They bank off pvp play where as halo needs campaign and multiplayer to come together. It loses that potential when one falls off a cliff and the other aspect then has to hold it together untill next game.

so when comparing halo to other fps games, it’s part of what made it stand out as it actually put effort into it where as other games don’t and you get the result of 4 hours campaigns with no development to them at all. However, when you compare halos story to BioWare games, telltale games, CD Red, halo has to take a back seat cuz while it’s generally been the best campaign in fps games, it’s not even on the same level as the companies I listed. Those guys bank hardcore on great story games (granted they also don’t focus to much on multiplayer player, some don’t even use multiplayer play) with huge emphasizing on character development and making you feel like you are the main protagonist with its in depth customization and various scenarios able to pan out differently.

I hope a lot of people participate, and I’ll look forward to seeing what results you get.

There wasn’t any option for CE anniversary so I just put reach as my friends and I mostly played multiplayer and firefight anyway(mp was reach mp with different maps)

well, at least in the older titles. The Halo has traditionally been the game with thought through campaign that has been perhaps only one of those rare franchises where every single one from the franchise that is made by the original creators could be described as “epic” though there is other games that are on the epic level. Now Halo has always gotten a great multiplayer but I think that its not the one thing that should be prioritized for the story is the heart and soul of Halo and if that is ruined (alongside with the universe) then even the multiplayer starts to feel blank and seemingly missing a reason.

I’ll hopefully be able to share the results as soon as this next weekend! Pretty interesting from what I’ve seen so far…

420 responds as of now, would be amazing to reach at least 500!
Please keep on sharing the link to this survey!

Thank you very much for participating!