Halo Campaign Stats not updating on Halo Waypoint?

Apologies if this has been asked before but I have recently gotten back into The Master Chief Collection and was wondering if the campaign stats are off for other folks as well. I know when the game launched there were a lot of bugs with achievements not wanting to unlock and things of that nature. I’ve noticed certain levels I have played and gotten completion achievements for reflect the stats on this site as far as high score, par times and whatnot. There are a few mission across the game that do not register a score and the time completed on all these levels so as what I am assuming is a default time (01:40:39). No matter how may times I replay them the stats do not change on Halo Waypoint.

Has anyone else noticed this on their service records?

Happened to a couple of levels for me in CE. They were not listed as completed on Waypoint.

Another issue is that the stats within the game (Career menu) are not tracked correctly.


As you can see, its like I did not play the campaign at all.