Halo Campaign Information

*2558 Halo 5 ends
November 25 2558 the banished arrives on installation 00.
March 2559 the arks foundry has constructed a new Halo ring. The halo was intercepted by a guardian. This is very important.

  • April 1st Professor Ellen Anders discovers Installation 09 and the UNSC formulate a plan to deploy it to Installation 04’s original site with a distress beacon on board. A guardian captures installation 09. This is a replacement ring. - After the ending of Halo 5 Halsey in October 2559 sends Master Chief, and the rest of blue team to planet reach, specifically the the castle base. (we see master chief in the dessert without Cortana like the trailer we saw in 2013. - The mission is to recover top-secret assets locked away in Dr. Catherine Halsey’s abandoned laboratory—assets which may prove to be humanity’s last hope against Cortana. Reach at this time has been invaded by a powerful, and ruthless faction. Halo Reach was deliver hope, Infinite is discover hope. The fate of the galaxy is at stake. - Agent Locke is sent to hunt down the Master Chief October 27th 2560. ONI declares Master Chief Killed in action, even though he is still alive. This is where we get Master Chief Vs Spartan Locke (all the advertisements we saw for Hunt the truth, and Chief vs Locke. - Master Chiefs armor is modified by Doctor Halsey to third-generation Mjolnir armor. in the Year 2561 (armor we see in Halo Infinite) - Sometime after his Armor is modified he gets Cortana Back.

Halo infinite is halo 6, intereting theory though.