Halo Campaign Achievement Run!

Hey fellow Halo fanatics! I’d like to make you an off you can’t resist! We all have a few achievements we’re missing here and there in the Halo campaigns. If you need help with getting certain achievements in halo games that require co-op partners in campaign, then come on in and don’t be afraid we’ll help. Even if you got the achievements already why not? It’s more Halo for you!

Could you help me with Legendary Halo Wars campaign? xD I’m kinda stuck where I am. Only problem is I won’t be able to play for a few good months…

Also, I think there is a recruiting forum that is a place for people to recruit for clans and to find help for stuff along these lines.

I’d love to help and there are a couple I don’t have!

Help with halo 3 campaign heroic/legendary and finding the skulls and the meta-game achievements

Halo CEA The Library achievements.

I can help with the Halo 3 skull stuff and meta games. Just let me know when.