Halo c.e.a. og pre-order bonus dwnlds?

error made by xbox-live support caused downloaded (one time only usage code) bonus content to be lost. This done by a live support agent deleting user profiles (which were linked to the original game software & subsequent bonus content along with all game stats & achievements for those profiles) while trying to negate possible reasones as to why my xbox360pro continuously failed attemps to connect with xbox-live. Anyone know of some way or some-one that could allow me to use those bonus codes again?? Halo C.E.A. just isn’t as fun without the “GRUNT FUNERAL SKULL”, especially since I’ve played it a countless number of times. I should be compensated for my continued suffering & loss, right? €8^{þ}BLACK WATCH BGD

You could try pulling up your download history. I used to go back and redownload map packs from time to time. You should be able to find what you’re looking for there

thanks but its not visiable. with no record of which profile was used with each games protect content, screwed as they say. there was protect content history for all my saved halo titles but without signing in with the profile i saved/loaded/played it under i can’t access any of it!!! & i never played online. just whent online for updates & downloads. double crap on microsoft for treating my personal at home gaming data like it was clasified top secreat goverment or financial identy info. they never, not once, tell me it was up to them if i could play my purchased software games with acheivments i earned & paid for. the hundreds of hours playing/working to get another acheivment in the long - long - long days & nights of effort to complete every level and redo it for each dificulty level!!! this being the case, microsoft owes me about three years of wages at the rate payable of a contracted beta software proofing enginer. putting up with teseting & proofing for someone elses benifit with no after thought to legeal domain is way this kind of work is contracted and out-sourced for lucritive financial gains. in my case though it would be compensataion. i figure about $180,000.00 US DOLLARS. What say you Microsoft, an agreement for compensation sounds correct & fair.

Sorry to hear this happened to you OP, but this is something out of scope for Waypoint. If you have an issue with Xbox Live Support or how your support requests have been handled by them, you would need to take that up with them. There’s nothing anyone here or at 343 can do in relation to that I’m afraid.