halo burned alive on the cross

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Hi all… ive played halo since the halo CE demo came out a long time ago. it only had the first mission on it but i had so much fun playing this beautifully diverse game. it was like nothing id ever seen. then on to halo 2. i started playing xbox live and had some of the best times playing it.sometimes id tell my girlfriend i was sick just so she wouldnt come over. i wasnt extremely great at halo 2 but i watched REAL montages from some of the original greats, and i studied their moves, learned how to bxr, bxb, and quad shot. got into some mlg and started playing for money in small tournaments. it was so easy to find a halo tourny back then. Then… their was Halo 3. Halo 3 was a masterpiece. they went all out on the maps making them so flush and vivid, concentrated on what the halo community wanted and wished for. brought in new weps, not too many, that were fun to play with. EVERYONE played halo 3, but like all good games… not everyone was great at it. but thats what makes Halo, Halo. just when i thought halo would end on a high note, i hear about reach… i buy Yoink! odst just so i can get the beta. i play the beta and, it was actually okay i guess. you know change of pace. but then the game hits. and all of the multiplayer maps look exactly the same, some recreated maps but still, basically the same layout. and why do all the maps have the same screenshot? Okay so i stayed positive. i hoped and prayed of news of halo 4. so finally we all get it. after putting in about 2 days total of a terrible armor ability reach experience… i became enthusiastic about the release of info. slowly, it startes leaking in… more news of jet packs, (SPRINT), and stupid stupid stupid Yoink! reach looking armor… they even changed master chiefs! what when he woke from hyper sleep you thought we’d forget what he looked like or something? and now… i hear the worst news of all. random wep spawns. thats where i draw the line. you wonder why it is your losing players… let me see. started happening after reach. its not because we wanna play cod. its cause you made our game into a worse version of CoD. please stop trying to fix what isnt broken. Halo will always be bungies masterpiece and your running it into the god dam ground. stop trying to put your finger prints all over it, please… listen to the people who know halo the best… the fans. and for those ppl who like the new changes are the same dudes i was Yoinking! on in halo 3. nubs are taking over because they rage quit when the going gets tough. go play social if you cant hang, dont change the game.

  • I need a weapon.

Get a life, bro.

Ban in 3… 2… 1…

Your freakin’ kidding me right? Dude seriously now your just trolling. Guess what, no one cares! Your just another vermin of the community who doesn’t have a sense of control. Now get out.

> Get a life, bro.

step 1: get a job

step 2: make some friends

step 3: move out of your parents basement

step 4: stop complaining about a game that hasnt even come out yet, you can complain when it comes out

do those and maybe, just maybe, you will have a life.

get this kid an “enter” key…and a ban.

Another doom and gloom thread .

Yet another?