Halo Books

I’ve read a copy of the halo books in the past but it’s been a while so I’m planning on reading all of them this time around. Last i checked the books weren’t released in chronological order and I’m thinking that would be the best order to read them.Just wondering if there are any other suggestions on what order I should read the book. Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen lots of people ask this throughout the internet. The general consensus seems to be just to read them in the order they were released. Otherwise I’m sure a quick google search would show you the release order and the chronological order of the stories.

Ok I have plenty of threads and locations you can use.(PS I made majority of the stuff related to this type of subject)

I am trying to make out an order myself. I’ve ordered all of these books.
My first read was “Fall of Reach”. When I receive the books I will most likely start with the Forerunner Trilogy. I am very interested in the events that happened long before those in the games. After that I’ll probably read it in this order:

  • Forerunner Trilogy - The order which the Halopedia suggests - And last the Kilo-Five TrilogyThen we have books like Shadow of Intent and Saint’s Testimony that feels a lot more stand-alone than the others. Saint’s testimony in particular has caught my attention and I really want to read that as it will help me understand Cortana’s rampancy in Halo 4 a bit better.

Halo: Contact Harvest
Halo: Fall of Reach
Halo: First Strike
Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

The rest are not by Eric Nylund or Joe Staten (the guy who made the stories for all the Bungie era games) and thus not worth reading. The Kilo Five trilogy is especially bad because Karen Traviss is allowed to soapbox and turn really great characters into one dimensional villains because she doesn’t agree with their in-character politics.