Halo Books to Read?

Looking for some good Halo lore books to read. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Fall of Reach was a great read!

Check out ghosts of onyx for sure. I enjoyed the promethean saga for all the back story, it did get a little tough in the 3rd book though. New Blood was good. Contact harvest was my first book (featuring Avery Johnson himself)

Fall of Reach and Ghosts of Onyx are both really awesome and I highly recommend them. Halo Evolutions is really great too (From what I’ve read so far)

Definitely need to read Fall of Reach!

Fall of Reach, The Flood, Ghosts of Onyx, First Strike, Contact Harvest, and New Blood. Those seem to be popular among fans.

The fall of reach was amazing

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> The fall of reach was amazing

Yeah I read about half of it and then lost it. Maybe I’ll go out an buy a new copy. I really enjoyed what I have read so far. Great backstory for John.

Read Last Light, easily my favourite book aside The Martian. Great story and a really gripping read from start to finish.

Fall of Reach is a must for sure.

All three Eric Nylund books for sure.

To repeat what everyone else said, it’s a rite of passage for getting started in the extended universe: read Fall of Reach. Still the best one. You’ll be hooked.

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> Looking for some good Halo lore books to read. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Start with " the fall of reach" then get “first strike” then “ghost of onyx” you wont be disappointed.

Have any you ever read the ghost of onyx

All of them.

Fall of reach, First strike, Ghosts of oynx, Halo evolutions, many others

I’ve read Fall of Reach and First Strike. Both are great, but First Strike is my favorite. If you haven’t read Fall of Reach, read that one first. It provides essential back story to the Chief, the other Spartans, Halsey, and the Spartan program in general. You would be doing yourself a great disservice not starting with The Fall of Reach first; it makes the other novels much more enjoyable.

Does Halo Mythos cover everything from every book made before it? Just wondering how many I should get for the full history.

Here are a few books I would recommend :

  • Fall of Reach is a great book that looks into Chief’s Halsey’s and Blue teams backstrory, the origins of the Spartan II program and the fall of reach from Chiefs perspective . - First Strike is the sequel to both the Fall of Reach and Halo : CE. It bridges the events of CE and Halo 2. It explains how Chief and Jonshon make it back to Earth. It shows even more detail of the Fall of Reach and also features Blue Team. It’s probably the weakest of the 3 Nylund books but it’s still a great book - Ghosts of Onyx is a sequel of First Strike. It takes place in around the end of Halo 2. Master chief is not present in this novel (only in flashbacks) however Blue Team, Halsey and Mendez (a side character in Fall of Reach) all make a return. The game goes into the origins of the Spartan III program and looks more into forerunner technology such as Shield worlds and Sentinels. - Next would be the Forerunner saga. This would give us the backstory of the forerunners, looks into the end of the forerunner-flood war and the human-forerunner war and also gives us the backstory of Didact and the Librarian. The first two books (Cryptum and Primordioum) are a bit slow but the third book (Silentium) is a great book. These books are also essential to understanding Halo 4’s and Halo 5’s story. - New blood would be a great read if you are a fan of Buck, Halo 3 ODST and just ODST’s in general. This book connects Halo 3 : ODST to Halo 5 and concludes the story arcs of each of the members of Alpha nine. - Contact harvest is a great read and would give us the backstory of Seargent Johsnon and would look into the origins of the Human-Covenant war in more detail. - The Cole Protocol is another great book. However it doesn’t really have any lore importance but it follows the story of a 3 man Spartan II team called grey team who’s only purpose is to wreck havoc in any way they see fit. It also gives us more backstory to captain Keyes.

The absolute must reads are Fall of Reach, Contact: Harvest and the Forerunner Trilogy.