Halo be Halo

This is the truth not me trying to dis on 343. This game will be great if you keep the same fundamentals, implament, invent, create , all great things. Orginal halo’s Building blocks is what made halo withstand the storm. If you start going in a different directions cause you want to make it different, make a new game, don’t call it Halo 4 for sales.

Make it feel like halo, make it be halo, strife for it to become the new halo. Reach did not make it to mlg when halo has been the main attraction for what, 10 years. My point is you can call it what you want sell it to the masses but if you do not tailor or mimic the last halo game, halo 3, call it. Scratch and a one bit wonder 343.

I pray this game to be the best halo game, I’m skeptic but who isn’t. When you want something as good as you had it inthe past, it’s only natural.

Good luck 343

Hey, did you know that nostalgia is wrong?

> Hey, did you know that nostalgia is wrong?

What’s so wrong about it, exactly? The fact that I want a beloved franchise to keep going in the direction that made it great?

have to agree, the direction 343 is going is not only arguable as to whether or not it’ll actually be good for halo, its also a direction that isn’t necessary to take.

I pray that halo 4 will bring halo back to its former glory but I’m really skeptical as to whether or not they’ll learn from reach’s mistakes.

lets hope that 343 knows where they’re going with halo 4 and doesn’t do anything that will make the franchise go backwards.

I respectfully disagree. I see how its questionable, halo 4 is crossing territory that the original trilogy wouldnt cross.

But the game isnt aimed specificly for the hardcore, or the casuals, its the expansion to the series that many fans have been anticipating. Where some people will argue over gameplay changes, ill just be happy to immerse myself in the realm that is halo. Ive enjoyed all halo titles, and i see no reason why i shouldnt enjoy halo 4 any less than reach, or 3, or 2 and CE.

I think that what 343 is doing is great. From what I’ve seen there is a good amount of effort put into everything that they’ve done. Its not without flaws so far, but Im hoping that as the game is played, there are tweaks. I think its silly for developers to think they can get it right without a million playtesters over months. It is important that devs plan on doing tweaks and updates quite regularly and be not afraid to tweak/experiment after shipping. (Hopefully not so much that you don’t know what ‘version’ of halo you’re playing).

The most important thing is that regardless of what 343 does, they should be putting in all the tools neccessary to remove, tweak, modify, change, and repurpose all sorts of features that are entering the game. With a highly capable toolset I am sure that gametypes will be created that address and fix many of the issues that players do not like upon shipping, and will allow for playlists from MLG to create gametypes that satiate their players. IE, with modify-able traits of AA, it is possible that MLG can tweak them to their liking, where they are balanced and interesting.

This is assuming the scenario that 343 isn’t god-like and nails nearly everything perfectly. The community can take a broken thing, say Promethean Vision is broken on ship-date, and increase the energy usage, slow the speed of see-through-echo, or even make an audible sound eminating from a player who is using Promethean Vision. And these play-tested alterations can be implemented into standard playlists.