Halo: Battlefield - a Minecraft mod

Alright, I need a little help. I couldn’t get the Magnum to work correctly to save my life, so it will unfortunately not be included in the release on 1.17.13. However, because I don’t have to focus on the Magnum, I can add many more other things. I need YOU to help me come up with a list. So far on my list of things that aren’t included below: Sandbag(item), Sandbags(block), Reinforced glass(block), Crate(storage block), Combat knife, and Energy dagger. If there is anything here not related to weapons/mobs/pre-generated structures please post it below!

Soon to be one year ago I began development of a mod for Minecraft in an attempt to create the ultimate combination of Minecraft and Halo, dubbed Halo: Battlefield. Only a month or two of work is actually relevant due to changes in Minecraft’s code and various other issues, but the first version of this mod is set to be release on 1.17.13, exactly one year since development began.

Because release is so close, I would like to get opinions from Halo fans on what is currently completed. The first release will include some blocks and items. This release is essentially a preview to the rest of the mod, which will continue to be expanded upon as long as possible. Without further ado, here’s some pictures of what is 100% completed so far (most backgrounds are made up of Blocks of Iron):

Covenant objects: Needle Shard, Needle Magazine, Plasma, Purple Metal Plate, Blue Metal Plate, Purple Metal Block, Blue Metal Block
UNSC objects: High-caliber Magazine, Medium-caliber Magazine, Low-caliber Magazine, High-caliber Round, Medium-caliber Round, Low-caliber Round, Titanium Ore, Titanium Ingot, Titanium Rod, Titanium Block, Reinforced Titanium Block, Black Reinforced Titanium Block

Titanium Ore

Titanium Block

Reinforced Titanium Block

Black Reinforced Titanium Block

Purple Metal Block

Blue Metal Block

I would really like to hear your opinions on these textures/items.

Ill be looking forward to this!

This looks really awesome! I love the purple and blue metal blocks. My first thought seeing them was, “Wow, that’s a really Covenant kinda look!” Good job, I’ll defenitely be following this!

Thanks for the replies you two! I added a section of text to the top of the OP with some updates and a request, I could use some suggestions.