Halo Battle Royale ideas

I’ve always envisioned Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) being the characters in a Halo Battle Royale. “Halo: Helljumpers” could even be a good fit for the title.

You drop with no weapons, you need to land and loot.

Armor: level 1 through 3, with level 3 being air drop only. Armor type represents armor level. For an example, Mark VI Mjolnir gen 3 represents level 3 and can only be obtained in an air drop.

Weapons: All kinetic and bring back some weapons from pervious Halos. Like the SMG from halo 2 and the shotgun from halo 2/3.

Snipers: A little tricky but each sniper from each Halo could be implemented as a world spawn weapon. Which each acting differently, and current S7 being an air drop weapon only. For an example, world spawn snipers are one shot headshot kills up to level 2 armor, two headshot kills with level 3. Air drop sniper is one shot headshot kills with level 3 armor.

Health: No health regen. Need to heal with health packs found from world spawn items (from your inventory).
Armor repair: Some kind of health item that will regen your damaged armor over a certain time. Could be some kind of “chip” you need to have to place in your armor for this to happen.

Inventory: Depending on armor type depends on the amount of inventory space but a world spawn type of shell that’s added to the back on your armor as a backpack, level 1 through 3 to represent your inventory space that’s independent from your armor.

Vehicles: All USMC (non weaponeer) land vehicles. So pretty much just the M831 Warthog and M274 Mongoose.

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I actually really like a lot of your ideas. Here is a few thing I think they should add.

Weapons: I do like just the idea of kinetic weapons but I think maybe a good idea too would have banished outposts on the map where you can loot up and capture a hill to gain banished weapons and vehicles. Also would scan the area for enemies. I also think the forerunner weapons could spawn with groups of sentinels that randomly spawn around the map and can be killed. I think to make them fair they are set to easier difficulties and will only attack when threatened so they don’t mess with gameplay flow to much.

Armor: I really like the tier system so I won’t say anything on that.

Health:I always imagine the healing animation for armor to be like welding somethings so like he would have a device that shoots some sort of welding beam and welds his armor back together.

Vehicles:I think vehicles should only spawn in buildings and in a ordinance drops mechanic where you call in a vehicle or a powerful set of weapons. You should get banished vehicles from outposts like I said.

Inventory: I think you should just have basic looting nothing too crazy.

Abilities: I think abilities should be in rarities and have infinite uses but have a cool down. Also the mods you get in campaign can get applied to the abilities if found in supply drops.

Missions: I think instead of finding what call of duty calls contracts on the ground I think before a match your team can decide on a mission. Missions would be tasks you complete to get rewards. Now you can only select 1 mission per team a game but the tasks and rewards vary. Here are some mission ideas Kill confirmed: kill 10 enemies and scan their tags on elimination. Recon: Visit 3 named locations Supply run: Open 20 chests.

Points of Interest: I think the map should have varying terrain. A couple cool places to see would be large banished outposts, a ONI secret base, a forerunner cave system, and ship graveyard.