Halo Battle Royale idea

What if there was a Halo BR that integrated the flood? So as the circle closes players just get swarmed by flood forms. And the later the match goes, the stronger/more numerous the flood is outside the zone.

Just think that would be a sick implementation.


That would be really cool. Hopefully the forge could work for making something like this! :]

Would be better as an infection game type. Mix flood ai with infected players and the more infected players there are the more ai flood aswell. The game would get super hectic really fast.

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No, no, no, and more no.
We donneed more BR, we don’t need every modern shooter to have it, and we damn well don’t need it in Halo.

Infection actually done right this time, maybe, but not a BR.


Disagreed - the Halo formula is perfect for Battle Royale while the Arena Shooter is a genre of the past. However, I don’t trust 343i to create it considering the dire lack of content in Infinite multiplayer after 6 years of development.

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Halo BR with the flood would be insane, plus it would be a big opportunity to get my friends to play more halo with me.

If they don’t call the ring the Halo I’m suing


Only if they had a solo/duo mode also where you don’t have to rely on other players to do well. Team games are great and all until a player wants to participate without having to bring others with them on a team.

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What if instead of wasting time and resources to follow a trend, 343 focused on making Campaign expansions ?


Can we please stop talking about a BR mode? There are so many other things that need to be done first before this can even be looked at. At the same time NO. Just because every other game has a BR mode and it is what streamers salivate over does not mean it should be in Halo. Just because Dr. Dumb -Yoink!- wants it does not mean it should be here. Let COD and Fortnite have their little niche in the gaming world while we play HALO.


personally im sick of the battle royale oversaturation on the market but I get they are popular

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I mean I get it, but we don’t hafta call it a BR. I’m just using that name because I don’t know what else to call it. Really just a bigger multiplayer mode/experience.

Arena shooter is a genre of the past? Then why are you playing Halo lmao

This new generation man I swear…


You’ve got to be joking :joy::joy:

Nahhhhh battle royle isn’t halo might be for cod, not for halo at all

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Obviously it was a joke

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If i had a penny for every time someone suggested a flood barrier and/or ODST drop battle royal…