Halo (ATV Weekend)

Hello all, Back in the previous Halo, i experimented with Forge Mode. And found out that I was actually really good at it. Constantly making new maps for my friends to play during weekends. Most noticeably i was good at ATV races. But with the new inclusion in Forge Mode in reach and online interactivity. It seems that i have the chance to share my races and get players to help me beta test maps that i’m building. So i’m asking anyone who wants to join in and do test runs on my map to join in. The maps will be up every weekend, and during the week i’ll send invites to random players to come and test out anything that i may be in the process of building.

Send a friend Request if your interested This weekend is the map “Escape From ATLANTIS”

Just another fun way for cummunity activity.

GamerTag --xOtaku Rejectx