Halo atlas gone?

So I got atlas/waypoint while back ago. I go on it today and it’s gone now. Says I have to purchase it… What’s wrong?!

i can only point you to the ATLAS Support Thread, try posting your issue in there and hopefully someone can help.

also unless you have a Windows phone you dont get the atlas service free, so if you’re on an Android or iPhone and never purchased Atlas before (the waypoint app itself is free, but the Atlas portion isnt) that is why it says you must purchase it. Hope this helps out!

If the Halo Waypoint app no longer indicates that you’ve already purchased ATLAS, getting it back is easy. Just go to ATLAS in the app and then tap Purchase. If you are signed into your device with the same Apple ID or Android Market account, you won’t be charged again. On iOS it’ll display a message that says something like, “You’ve already purchased this item, would you like to redownload?”

For example - let’s say that you have already purchased ATLAS on your iPhone. Now you have an iPad, and you want it there too. Download the app on your iPad from the App Store. Then open it, and go to ATLAS. Tap Purchase. If you are using the exact same Apple ID that is on your iPhone, you’ll be able to re-download it for free. Two for the price of one, not a bad deal. :slight_smile:

Waypoint Team

I hae 2 itunes accounts, my parents and mine. I bought it on my parents and got in trouble for it (around when i first got myi pod cuz i didnt know.) And im afraid to hit buy again cuz it might charge them.