Halo: Ascendance

Hey, guys. I’m new at writing fan fiction but I had my own ideas about directions the Halo universe could go in given the circumstances of Halo 5. My story follows a boy who is “selected” by an ancilia to become the new caretaker of a forerunner installation that operates much like a shield world but is the only one of its kind. The story begins on Meridian and follows the events taken place there and moves on to the Guardians rising. I’m halfway done with roughly 250 pages written so far. I plan on separating it in two parts but what I have hear today is a section of chapter two. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you’re interested in the story I will release more.

Chapter Two
City of Virgo,
March 26th, 2548, 1800 hours
The door shut loudly. A man, dressed in all black and grey attire stood in front of the door. His face was pale and stern, no wrinkles but seemed old enough to be Ethan’s father. His hair was slicked back and his glasses were tinted. On his left breast bore a symbol of triangle with a sphere settling at its center. His father seemed to recognize it by the way he stood next to Ethan. “What is this about?” He asked grasping Ethan’s arm. The man touched his glasses and the tint retracted. He sighed and walked to the doctor’s chair then sat down. Opening his bag and pulling out a few papers, he gathered together incidents that looked like something Sara had on the bus earlier in the day. “Do you recognize these?” He asked calmly handing them to Ethan.
“Don’t touch them.” His father ordered. The man sighed and stood formally introducing himself. “My name is Kyle Mathew Toland, I work for the Director of Observations throughout all of Meridian.”
“Director of Operations, you’re an Agent?” Ethan’s father replied. “the Office of Naval Intelligence has no need of my son.” He said gesturing toward the door.
“Actually, we do” Agent Toland stated firmly. “Allen Foster, your child has been experiencing premonitions for quite some time. Now if you will let me continue.” He turned his attention toward Ethan. “How long have you had these dreams?” Agent Toland asked him, sitting down. Ethan swallowed. “About a year now.” His voice still broken up.
Toland nodded. “And these dreams are consistent with catastrophes—that have yet come to past.”
“What is this?” Allen stood up. “He has nightmares.”
“2530, a child dreams of her planet being “taken away by the Aliens”.” Toland began. Allen stood still. “She tells her parents and they report it to her school district, concerned. After a few weeks, it circulates and the UNSC eventually catch wind of it. Its documented but of course a lot of people were worried their planet was next so it would only seem natural people would dream about it. Four days later, Groombridge was assaulted by the Covenant and glassed within a few days.”
This hovered heavily over Ethan’s parents, primarily his mother who was beginning to shake. Ethan listened intently.
“2531, another child is reported having dreams of their planet being glassed. The dreams get so bad she starts sleep waking and speaking. She ends up in the ICU, experiencing seizures and is put into an induced coma. When she wakes several weeks later she speaks of planets–plural, being glassed by the Covenant.” Toland lifted a picture off his lap, the same one Sara had showed him earlier. The photo was of a girl in a hospital drawing pictures of her dreams. Each one was of a planet with distinct planetary terrain being glassed by the Covenant. Listed beneath it was “Luminary”.
Allen sat down as Toland continued. “A week later, Victoria fell followed by Verent and New Harmony. While those colonies were never actually listed “glassed” one could only imagine. The dreams continued until New Llanelli was glassed in 2546; two years ago.” Toland wiped his forehead. “I shouldn’t be telling you any of this, its classified but, Ethan dreamed about a planet being glassed last year, you never took him to get looked at or studied even when Skopje was glassed no more than 2 months later. It was documented by his teacher Mrs. Lambridge. I found this out when it came through.” The family just stared at Toland. “And here we are; Ethan is having these dreams again and now has experienced seizures which I believe are linked so yes, Mr. Foster, ONI is very interested in what your child has to say.” His voiced seemed to echo. Ethan moved his head to look at his parents. His father made eye contact for a moment and looked away in shame. He stepped past his wife and leaned against the window seal.
“How was I supposed to know this was real.”
“You weren’t, but turning me down could possibly be the end of Meridian.”
Allen looked back angrily. “So, you think you can stop them if we know ahead of time?”
“Not necessarily but we can hold them off. Plenty time for you and many other families, if not everyone on this planet to make it off alive.”
After a few moments he nodded and sat down. “Continue.”
Toland sighed. “I very much appreciate this visit.” He sat down. “These photos are classified but necessary for this study. They may be disturbing but by knowing what dreams you have I’d imagine it’s not a problem.” He said as he handed the photos and reports to Ethan.
He looked through the reports and then the photos seeing planets and the children corresponding with the planet that perished soon after their dream. Each planet was glassed with intricate design, a symbol. The drawings the girl had were detailed describing a certain area of which she must have seen in the dream. The image was at the base of a cliff and just below it, reaching out to the horizons was large curve identical to same arch of a symbol found on Jericho VII. Toland interrupted him by giving him other pictures of planets. Ethan scrolled through them, each one of a city or land mark. His head began to sweat and he blinked several times. He used his blanket to wipe the sweat but his eyes had begun to water which made it useless. At last Ethan noticed something, a city. It was at the edge of a lake much like Virgo but was sitting next to a range of mountains as well. Ethan pictured the structures destroyed and noticed near the city was a UNSC base. He recognized it but couldn’t pin it. He focused as hard as he could as he began seeing flashes of the city destroyed and then a Covenant Cruiser glassing the plains just outside the city. Blood dripped onto the picture. Allen and Toland sat forward. “Luminary, this is where the Luminary is.” Blood began to stream down Ethan’s face and a headache worse than anything he ever experienced kicked in. “Arbiter, Holy One, Luminary” he said grinding his teeth, holding his head. Toland slowly moved away from Ethan. He rolled up his sleeve revealing a device strapped on his arm. “Record” He said. The display opened to a series of bars representing sound volumes that raised and lowered in sync with Ethan’s words. Toland took the pictures and headed to the door.
“I’ll call the doctor” he said as Emily and Allen comforted Ethan. Toland walked down the hallway in fulfillment as personal rushed passed him. The Covenant are looking for something, a Luminary, and Ethan just gave him all the reason to believe one of those forerunner structures were on Meridian. This gave humanity leverage, a great amount. If they were prepared for an attack, then maybe they could have a chance to fight back and maybe even win the war.