Halo "Artistic Interpretation" Art Usage

Alright, so I realize that this may be in direct conflict with the Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy listed on the Forum Guidelines Post, but I’m having a tough time finding an actual contact email address.

I want to create a quick-reference website for Halo Reach ranks. The design I have in mind requires larger scale rank icons but the best images I can find are hosted at a wiki and are way too small - so I want to get together with a friend to “recreate” these icons in a larger format, like an artists’ interpretation of the ranks. The website would be non-profit-generating, non-advertising space (read: zero income).

Obviously this could be considered copyright infringement but if so, how does Wikia get away with it? A buddy thinks that it’s because Wikia is a strict “information source” and does not generate revenue, but I doubt that due to the ads on their site.

So my question is this: if I don’t make any money from this, can I use the custom art? Where can I find more information about rank icon usage terms? Is there anyone that can point me in a better direction? Should I be contacting Microsoft or Bungie or 343 directly?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and time!