Halo Array

do you think halo 4 will have anything to due with the actual Halo array itself? Or is it going to be about requiem.

Anything is possible, both were made by forerunners, so we may see the rings at some point. Maybe Halo 6?

I hope not, I want to learn more about Requiem, something new and interesting, instead of going back to an area we’ve seen before. If the Halo Array is to return, it should be in Halo 5 or 6.

I have a feeling that the greater ark will have an important role in this trilogy.

I don’t really mind but some of Halo 5 or 6 might. Possibly even some of Halo 4!

maybe Chief accidentally stumbles open another halo at the end of 4 it would be great for the story of 5

requiem can hold up against the force of the halo array firing so it seems it was built for protection from the array, so if thats the case then the reason requiem exists is because of the halo array so i cant see it not being at least mention in halo 4, the array has to be involved into the story in some shape or form

The Halo Array was only a countermeasure for the Flood. But the won’t be returning in Halo 4, so I doubt there will be anything important about the array. Maybe a few references at most. We’ll have to wait and see.