Halo Armors

Dear 343i, i know others will see this but I mainly want someone from your studio to see this, I really hope so. As a fan of the halo(that is only the games before reach due to my family not having any money to get a new Xbox) franchise and particularly Reach which happens to be my very first game on a console back in 2013. Ironic I said 2013 because I’m now 13, I recently wanted to check out getting halo 5 on PC but I noticed something that made me turn away the game, that being the armor. I have no disrespect for the designer because I can only imagine all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to make all them designs, but I’m disappointed in the look of said armors, me being a Reach and classic halo fan makes me like that bulky look more, but id love to see a in between of your designs and bungie’s designs. I have another pet peeve though, I dislike the under suit, it causes the armor to blend in with it’s self making it hard to see the armor pieces. I just really hope you guys do good with halo infinite which I’ll be buying on PC. I’d really like to see the respect the bungie designs deserve and especially the respect your armors deserve which means I’d love to see improved versions, maybe even some pieces you could add to the armors to give them that slightly bigger look, and I also hope you guys water just a little of the detail down, just enough that it isn’t overwhelming. I appreciate it 343, and I appreciate the great amounts of care you guys are putting into Halo.

Sincerely, Apol-55

There was a interesting video I watched about this topic that I’ll link here. The latter half of the video is you probably more relevant.

Halo 5 won’t be getting any updates or changes so things are going to be staying the same as they are now - which is how they’ve always been.
I didn’t mind Halo 5 but it certainly wasn’t my favourite take on art style, the art style which kind of led to this weird armour situation.

These things seem to have been adjusted for Halo Infinite though. Black undersuits, Reach armour for season 1 & a more appropriate art style to match. Feedback from fans was heard & applied.