HALO armorr Lots are poorly done

Those Noble Team.kits have me so annoyed. First if anyone has played bot Slayer you know that Emile’s Shoulder peice with his knife is capable of. Ring placed without the kit.

It’s in the game files somewhere already, and 343 is holding it back. But worst of all, the kits having Al those damn customizable peices locked is beyond dumb.

343 should have made it that when you unlock the kit you unlock all those peices. This would made it to wear even though they have only 100 Teirs, 1 unlock grants you like 5 different things.

They already gave us some of those peices in the Battlepass.

Look let’s not be ignorant to it and just admit we all know 343 planned on selling us each armor peice 1 by 1 in bundles with the same Emblem 4 different times. Want Carter’s shoulder peice

But seriously 343 extended the season. But they didn’t add any new Teirs of rewards, and given the state of the game that in itself would have been a smart move.

Hey here is 100 more Teirs and it has all the armor peices from no le teams kits that haven’t been able to be unlocked in the previous pass.

But yea how do you go about making a noble team Battlepass and not even have all the prices to be unlocked in it.

I mean look at my Profile picture, This is literally Carter’s right shoulder Emile’s Left shoulder, that Shotgun chest peice and the helmet from the upcoming tactical ops event.

And would need cross core to achieve it.

That was what I was expecting when they said how vast and deep the customization system is. And instead we get so many restrictive things.
Oh you like this coating, well it only works on this core,
You like this shoulder … it only goes on this armor core.

Visors naw broski you have to pay extra to have that on that armor core even though we can flip a switch and give you cross core.

“Oh but clipping”

Clipping is insane in this game already. Well At least tommarow Elden Ring may prove to be more entertaining. In terms of customization here’s to hoping so.

But here’s some food for thought.

Cross core is great for players and customization, but it means it’s less things 343 can dime and nickel us for.

So my prediction is we are going to get a response like this.

“Hey guys so we are still having issues implementing Cross core customization, the team.is working hard to deliver this for you guys. But what we have done is started to roll out some of the armor peices from different cores into the store rotation that can be applied to a different core in the meantime while the team works on getting cross core up and running”

Dear God if this becomes truth I'ma just lose it.