Halo Armor color options

Sorry if this has been discussed,
I was thinking what if halo 4 had a custom color wheel, so you would have a lot of different shades of each color.
I was also thinking what if halo 4 had different color finishes such as
. Regular (default)
. Gloss
. Metallic
. Matte
Also not being limited to primary and secondary color, if you want you should be able to change the color of left-arm, right-arm, left-leg, right-leg, torso, back ,and head. they should be able to be different colors.

idk just a thought, maybe unlock-able color schemes such as stars,hearts, little battle riffles, and stuff like that across the spartan

Mmm… to be honest, I don’t think it would work. Although you’re right about the “more than primary and secondary colors” thing. We should be able to customize our spartans just a bit more color-wise.

I like the battle worn feel to Reaches colors but for Halo 4 they need to be a bit more vibrant (not Halo 3 bright though OMFG no).
Also, the use of armor detail should be put back in. Not just some stripe like in Halo 3 but some patches here and there that are actually a bit noticeable in MM to your team mates.


i likes halo3’s vibrant colors

Not a bad idea really, though i’d imagine it may screw with loading times considering the added effects that would have to be added to shinier armor.