Halo AR strength is abit ... much?

Remembering it is a beta of course…
I cannot help but recognise how the dynamics and approach to the core gameplay is changed based on the range of a starter weapon within quickplay. Going from a game that awarded the domination of space and positioning to one that now consistently leaves that dominated space as contested due to a weapons flexibility leaves me unsure how I feel about matchmaking. Suppression is more dominant than ever and maybe handicaps power weapon play and positioning more than what was evident in halo 4. Personally I would tweak it 15/20 meters to help positioning of a player be more praised. On a personal level I don’t think having an AR deplete somones shields across the map in under 2 seconds to be perhaps “healthy”? Maybe I am just old fashioned but time will tell! I can see it to make it more appealing to those outside of the competitive scene allowing for more kills to be traded, but is it the right decision for it to be so accurate over a long distance?

Side note, with faster movement speed, I think the radar radius should be increased.


I’m fine with it. Finally it’s a useful weapon and not one to be discarded immediately. I will always pickup a Commando or BR if available but the AR is good on its own. My favourite weapon is the DMR and wish they would bring it back. At the moment loving the Commando.

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