Halo app is just an empty window :( (PC)

When i launch the Halo app i get the splash screen and then i get a dull blue window with a gray bar to the left. How do i fix this?

Picture for those who would like to see: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270966481162862592/345610843443953664/Skarmklipp.PNG

I am having the same issue. My friends are having this issue as well. Any update?

Having the same issue. App loads to a blank screen. Following.

Welp, now it works for some reason.
But please if there is a fix for those who it still doesn’t work for help them.

I would try re-installing it.


Someone found the solution.

FrankDaTank14 wrote:
I just figured this out on my machine 5 mins ago. The Halo App is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you delete it, then launch the game directly, it should run. Hope this helps.

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