Halo App (and H5F by extension) language settings

I just finished downloading the Halo App and Halo 5: Forge from the Windows store and I have a couple of questions.

I currently run a Windows 10 PC with a canadian french installation which defaults the Halo App to french as well. Problem being though : I would like to have that app in english instead so that both the Halo App and Halo 5: Forge actually uses the english language.

This leads to a secondary problem that Halo 5: Forge defaults to an AZERTY keyboard mapping for a french installation, which can be quickly corrected for regular Spartan and vehicle control remapping… however the actual Forge controls cannot be remapped and uses the AZERTY mapping instead… which leads to weird situations like having to press Z to move forward (while it should be W) and other mishaps like the tutorial being uncompletable when it asks to press ‘2’ to go into Spartan mode (and I have no idea where europeans have their ‘2’ key located; no, the numpad doesn’t work for that step).

This is problematic since I am using a QWERTY keyboard and makes it near impossible to work efficiently in Forge.

So my inquiry would be : is there any way to install the US english version of the Halo App and Halo 5: Forge on a french Windows 10 installation?


I would also like to know how to change it to english version