Halo API via Excel VBA

Forgive me if this has been asked, but is there a way to use the Halo API through VBA via Microsoft Excel (or something similar)? I am trying to pull in data and work with it in a spreadsheet, nothing fancy, but I can’t seem to figure out how to pull in the data (if it is even possible). Does anyone have any insight?

I’ve never used VBA, but a quick search on stack overflow suggests it’s possible…

You might have some luck using the add-on “Power Query” to get the data into your spreadsheet, then using VBA to manipulate it from there.


I’d recommend at least Excel 2013, (it has an internal object model, which 2007 and 2010 don’t, meaning better performance) and a 64 bit installation, or you’ll be capped at 4GB of memory, which will limit what you can do.

There was another thread on this here.

I posted a little how-to-guide to get up and running there as well.