halo: anniversary suggestions

hey 343
i have a few suggestions for halo combat evolved anniversary

  1. being able to switch the audio from classic to new (it would just work so well with your new classic mode)

  2. the ability to change the graphics of the main menu from classic to new (now that… would be awesome!) maybe make it so that when you klick on “multiplayer” it sends you to another screen that is dedicated to anniversary multiplayer

  3. having it so that the multiplayer that comes on the anniversary disk is the original halo 1 multiplayer with updated graphics (maybe include forge and theater for multiplayer)

  4. try and make classic mode exactly (or at least mostly) like the original even with the small stuff like camera angles, audio
    and even easter eggs, so that when we turn to the new (HD) mode we will experience something fresh and new, and we will be able to compere it to the original

  5. maybe make it so that you are able to change the graphics on the new CE maps (on the anniversary disk) from old to new in custom games and for matchmaking, make it so that when you choose your map and game at the beginning that there is a little logo at the bottom of each box (eather HD or CL) to represent what mode the game is in
    (if you make it so that we can forge in classic, if you put in forge that is, that… would be epic)

i hope you consider my suggestions, oh and to my fellow waypointers please make some suggestions for this thread or tell me what you think of mine