Halo anniversary Speed reader achievement help!!!

I hope this is the right place to post this kind of topic if not I’m sorry.
Anyway This is my last library achievement and I’m having a hard time with it.
The amount of flood makes getting this achievement frustrating.
I really need help with this one and I would appreciate if someone
would help me in a coop game and in return I could gladly help you with achievements too.


I have helped over 15 people with this achievement… If you would like my help, i can help you tomorrow.


BTW my FL is full so send me a message so i can invite you to my party. Im sure the link the other way point user you might find useful if its the speed run film.

Blood could you help me this weekend by chance?

yeah bro be glad to. Let me host because i can only to the (GJ) grenade jumpd well if i am hosting ok. I might be a little busy this weekend but i will squeeze you in my schedule ok.

Hey Ganon I don’t wanna sound like a little noob asking for your help like everyone else but I’m pretty sure none of my friends will help if you can PM me

This is my 2nd to last achievement i need… i could use some help as well. invite me as a friend if u can help, thanks