Halo anniversary multiplayer question

The back of the game makes it sound like you can only have 2 players playing on one xbox. We like to play the multiplayer,just playing split screen against each other not the campaign.
Is this possible in this version of the game? and do they have the maps, Derelict or Prisoner? can you customize your multiplayer games like in the original Halo?
Thank you : )

-2 players can play splitscreen or over XBL for the campaign.

-The game uses Reach multiplayer and has 6 maps (not including a firefight map). Derelict is not included. You can use these maps in a limited number of playlists or in custom games.

-You can change the multiplayer settings in custom games.

ok so we cant have 4 player split screen in the games? sorry i was gonna rewrite my question, but it had already got an answer.
Exclude anything XBL bc we dont play that, but do like to have 2 other friends over to play, and we all like to compete with each other to get the most kills… I dont know if that sounded better, and sorry if you pretty much answered my question. Can you answer it this way though lol :wink:

You can have 4 player splitscreen for the multiplayer component (which is on remade maps that are accessible from a Reach menu within the Anniversary disc). Campaign is only 2 players, no matter what.