Halo Anniversary Legendary Campaign

Hey guys, I’m looking for someone to play through Anniversary with me in Co Op. First things first I need someone that will be able to see it through. I’ve already added people that said they’d help but they either don’t respond to game invites or start a level then quit and don’t ever try again.

I’ve collected all the skulls so if you want me to host I can and we can use some to make it somewhat easier. Skulls I have in mind for this would be the Pinata Skull, and Boom Skull. We will be starting on the level Halo, once we’ve finished the campaign I’ll go back and play the Pillar of Autumn if you still need it.

So if you anyone is interested please just hit me up with a friend request and send me a message after doing such so I know you are wanting to help. I’ll be up to play just about everytime I’m online.

My time zone is mountain time the best times for me to do this is like 8 or 9 in the morning. But we can do it other times too.

Thank you

Add me. Mudkip Effect. I’ll be back online on tuesday. I start my new job that day so idk when I’ll have off. I’ll let you know though.