Halo Anniversairy + Reach Connection

I think, in the CE:A they should have, continue from the PoA, from Reach; in the easter egg were you see master chief if you press right on both thumb-sticks i believe? But make it show like how they moved him into that room that you are in at the begining of CE:A.

as an extra after finishing the game? would be great…


No because thats linda in the cryo tube

> No because thats linda in the cryo tube

Are you being serious or just mocking the people who said it was Linda?

the whole “chief in the cryotube in the hangar” thing was more of an easter egg than anything story-related, so no.

> No because thats linda in the cryo tube

XD, its the chief, bungie themselves said that the real cannon, like cannon CANNON, are the games, the books are just extra stuff, and im pretty sure that bungie would rather satisfy the whole world by showing the chief, on the ship that hes suppost to be on, on the prequel game of the first game of the series, where the chief first appears, and as a farewell gift since its there last game. then satisfy the few that read and know the expanded universe by showing linda,…sorry buddy but, ITS THE CHIEF

It’s the Chief, but it’s just an easter-egg. Buck and his Monkeyman surely wasn’t canon in Halo 3: ODST. Neither was the Chief’s appearance in Halo: Reach. But from previous canon, we do know that he was somewhere on the Pillar of Autumn at this time.

It makes sense for cryo-tubes to be in the cryo-bay, not the coincidentally very same open hangar that Captain Keyes’ pelican chose to dock in, where the Chief’s cryo-tube could fall out.

It was Chief in the cryo pod at the end of Reach, but it’s not canon. It’s about as much canon as Buck and the monkeyman in ODST, or Johnson and the Elite hugging it out in Halo 1. It’s just an easter egg, it means nothing.