Halo, and the Mark V circus

It’s no question that Mark V has been a fan favorite helmet since Halo began, with more iterations then perhaps any other helmet in the franchise. Despite this helmet having 8 variants (CE, Halo 3, Reach, CE Anniversary, Halo 4, Delta, Alpha, and Zeta) none of these helmets truly captured the classic design. Zeta is a very nice interpretation of the Mark V, though it seems to have taken some Mark IV inspiration as well. I kind of gave up hope to see a classic Mark V in Halo Infinite, thinking the style wouldn’t translate well, until I saw this:


An absolute beast of an Artist (Named Pep?) had recreated the CE Mark V in a high poly model which looks absolutely smashing. He has a 3D model online that you can view and pan the camera around, I highly recommend checking it out! Massive props to him, honestly the model looks exactly like Master Chief in Combat Evolved did to my tiny six year old brain all those years ago. Then I came across another recreation:

Made by none other then the father of the Master Chief himself: Marcus Lehto.

People will argue which interpretation of Mark V is the best all day, but you CANNOT argue that these are not the most faithful recreations of the classic Mark V. Seeing as the second image was created by the original designer of the armor. My question to the Halo community is would you like to see something like this in Halo Infinite? Do you want to see a true reproduction of the armor that started it all in this series going forward? It doesn’t have to take anything away from the other interpretations, or Mark V iterations, I just think personally it would be an amazing homage.

  • Yes, I would like to see a faithful Mark V set!
  • Yes, as long as we get to keep the other iterations as well!
  • I don’t really mind either way.
  • No, more options is not always better.

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It would be awesome to see Marcus Leto’s interpretation get added. It would probably have to be altered some to better fit the Infinite mesh, but I’m sure it would still look good.


Where’s 343 so I can throw more money at them? Of all the things, the one made by M.L. is absolutely beautiful. I’d buy that or earn it either way. Top that off with a black armor coating and I’d never wear any other armor.

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I see its potential addition as a win-win for all parties!

It would definitely be a great addition

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I’d like all of the Chief armors to return as a pack somehow. Not sure how they would pull that off. Either they are each separate cores without many customization options or they all belong to a “Master Chief” core which is only composed of “kits” from each game.

I believe that people who received surveys for the Infinite technical previews in 2021 got to see some Waypoint UI showing Mk VI Gen 3 along with a classic Assault Rifle “core”. It’s possible that these are coming, but those could have also just been placeholder images for the UI.

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