Halo and Esports Partnership Worries Me...

So I can be competitive when I want, but I consider myself as a more casual player. After watching the video of Halo and Esports I became skeptical. As we know in Halo 5, they really focused on the competitive nature of Halo, thus the casual side was ignored. We can tell this because everything was basically ranked from the start of H5, and I think all of the maps were designed with competitive nature. When I say the maps were designed competitively, I meant that there is a lack of fun and unique maps like High Grounds or Narrows from Halo 3. I do acknowledge though overtime they have implemented some casual gametypes, however it was way too late.

I do not mind when they do focus on the more competitive scene because it is beneficial to Halo, however when they basically ignore the casual side like they did with H5 for many months, I find that troubling.

Halo 5 is not the Halo game you would get if 343 was heavily focusing on the competitive side of Halo it just isn’t. Competitive and casual players alike got shafted in a variety of different ways. The competitive players were forced to play with 343’s idea of what “Esports” TM should be regardless of what they actually wanted while casual players were all expected to be happy playing Warzone while getting farmed for microtransactions.

The idea that the Arena maps were “too competitive” in Halo 5 doesn’t hold any water when you include a map like Narrows which was a competitive favorite. The maps in Halo 5 simply were not as memorable as other maps from classic Halo games, thems the breaks.

Believe it or not, competitive players are not going around trying to get 343 to suck every last bit of casual fun out of Halo games, they just want a fair and fun Halo game with a high skill gap and a minimum of cheese.

Well, hopefully it doesn’t turn out like when Blizzard made OWL for Overwatch. For at least a year there was hardly any content during events and the game itself was practically forgotten in favor of focusing most of the dev team on OWL. Even now content is severely lacking during events and the game is in a rough spot due to the balance team trying to make it balanced for OWL based on feedback from the 1% of the 1% of competitive players.

The way the announcement sounded, it sounded more so like an MLG type thing. That Engine Esports would promote the Halo Championship Series and take the toll off 343. Much like MLG did back in Halo 2/3/Reach.

I’m not sure how much say the in house esports team has when it comes to maps and design. I’d guess they were made for sandbox play and than they had people create maps based around spartan abilities. Than the esports team played it and made suggestions. But making maps around spartan abilities, well we all saw how annoyingly bad that decision was.