halo air ships/ vehicles

I have always wondered, why cant we drive a pelican or longsword without easter eggs? It would also be awesome if thier could be a big bomber that multiple players can control, for a small amount of time… any comments?

seriously, why do we have to settle for LAME falcon and LAME banshee?

spartans deserve to fly the saber instead of having to steal a spaceship fr/a lizard…

Jet pack - you are the air vehicle.

The falcon is under priveledged. it is slow and cluncky. banshees take them down to easily, theres no compotion unless you have 2 of them at once. spartans need a fast vehicle. covenent get all the booster vehicles

Pelicans are way too big for multiplayer… let alone the Longsword. The Longsword is absolutely massive, comparable in size to a Scarab.

Then 343 needs to make some new vehicles. the longsword would be good for campaign though

I was also thinking, there could be a forrunner vehicle that drives and then when you press a button it flies!