Halo Ai is lackluster and needs improvement.

Halo would be far more fun if enemies behaved better. It’s incredibly cheap that the legendary difficulties of the games simply make all enemies stronger and the player a lot weaker. Which resorts to the player cowering at the back and using precision weapons to chip away the enemies health.

Halo Ai essentialy comes down to dodging, Moving around an obstacle to get a shot at the player, throwing grenades and fleeing. I am fairly convinced vehicle ai hasn’t changed since Ce either. I could (and have) put a whole host of suggestions on ways that it could improve… Elites could issue orders, grunts could co-ordinate grenade throws and marines could take cover rather than get into lengly punching matches with elites. There’s four dozens of abilities that could make the enemy more interesting.

So far on halo 4 i have witnessed…

A banshee take off into a wall, stayed there for me to hijack. This wasn’t even one off. The same banshee did that every single time that i restarted the checkpoint. although one time it did a roll whilst flying into the wall.

Punching matches between elites and humans. That 7 foot tall behemoth can slap the little guy for hours and still not kill him. This was on legendary Spartan ops. Play Ep2 Chapter 3 and watch the spectacle that will without fail occur.

zealots who are awefuly fond of doing the moonwalk by barricades.

Marines have the mistaken belief that each is an indestructible terminator that can stand in the open against incoming plasma and promethean destruction. Of course since the game gives them a ludicrous amount of health to compensate for the fact that they are morons they sort of can.

There were three marines with me. Three warthogs, five ghosts and further along a few empty wraiths. I got in a warthog. Two of them joined me whilst the third decided to walk. Stupid,stupid, stupid.

Legendary isn’t a show of who’s skilled. It’s a show of who’s patient.

I think the AI is fine, the weapon balancing is just a bit off.

I take it you only play war games :confused:

Well, yes. The carbine/plasma pistol a little weak and don’t have enough ammo and the incinerator cannon is far too good. But that’s a little less important for those who play against the covenant and prometheans rather than spartans.