Halo Action Game Featuring the Arbiter

I’m a big fan of games such as “Devil May Cry” or “Metal Gear Rising” and the Halo games have always been my personal favorite franchise, so hopefully I can give this idea for a Halo action game enough push so that maybe 343i could give it some consideration. Halo has alot of great characters to choose from but for pure variety of actions and potential variety of gameplay the Elites or Sanghelli with their iconic energy swords and pure warrior mentality they are an obvious choice. I’m a part of of the group who don’t care much for Elites in Halo multiplayer due to the way they change hitboxes and just act differently controlled then they do in campaign. However if you put the species in their own game they can act similar to the way we see they do in campaign. Of course the my decision to star this game with Arbiter is an obvious choice. The arbiter is already a well developed understood character within the Halo universe although he isn’t given as much in game screen time as Chief or other characters but that’s where this game comes in. Arbiter was also the primary choice for “Killer Instinct’s” guest character to represent the Halo franchise, again reinforcing how well he works for an action game character. The events of the game can begin maybe directly after the events of Halo 3 when we get to see how Arbiter’s attempts at fully uniting Sanghelios fail and bring the world to civil war. Seeing the Thel 'Vadam fight hordes enemies with nothing more then a sword and maybe a rifle through a third person action filled melee battle would be an amazing addition to the Halo franchise. The way this game could directly address those who want to play as Elites is also a great plus. Of course 343 would have to find a good action game developers so as expected why not “Platinum”; given a decent budget and enough time they can make some of the finest action games out there. Of course this is kind of a dream scenario I’ve thought up but I hope can give it enough push to at the very least 343 give it some consideration.

Get Platinum Games to make it and I’ll buy it three times.

Platinum is the best.